Success Finds A Way Series
Setting Yourself Up To Win


With more people living paycheck to paycheck, the risks of becoming homeless has increased exponentially since the downturn of the economy. Motivational speaker and author Dr.  Carlton Young assures those that may be facing homelessness, that anyone can bounce back. He speaks from experience having spent several years surviving on the streets of Atlanta. Success Finds A Way is the first of this motivational audio cd series. We are currently completing production on the second series entitled Believe You Can.

Time Capsules
​A documentary commissioned by the Nation of Islam


This documentary series covers the Nation of Islam, one of the most mysterious religious organizations in America. Time Capsules takes you inside the life of 100 year old Lucius Beyah, a minister who worked and lived with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. This important piece of history was commissioned by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan who delivers a power forward at the beginning of the film itself. 


As a full service mobile production company, we are constantly creating a variety of innovative original content for our clients. Our producers work one-on-one with each client to ensure the details are fully understood and executed to meet their marketing or entertainment needs.




The gallery below displays various photos. Whether you need food photography, interior/exterior property shots, or headshots for your employees, ERS can deliver. We work with some of the best creative talent Atlanta has to offer. 



Cardio Extremo Boot Camp
Salud Activa TV


Health and fitness should be important in all of our daily lives.  That's why Marcelo Vazquez, a famous fitness trainer wanted to showcase one of his most sought-after workouts.  When his business partner told us they had already tried twice to have a professional video produced to no avail, we knew they came to the right place.  His Youtube channel had over four million views and thousands of subscribers and it was time their viewers recevied quality content.   After having the priviledge of seeing him in action, we knew fitness fans would absolutely love Cardio Extremo Boot Camp.  Our production team was extremely impressed by him and his team's ability to conduct the full workout straight through.  The video consists of a warm-up, twelve three- minute workouts and a cool down.  You may visit his youtube channel here and the official website by visiting

Chairish The Future
Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta


We had the opportunity to do something very special for a wonderful organization. The Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta sought our services to produce a video for their annual Chairish the Future fundraiser. The event allows them to help the homeless and displaced families in the Atlanta area by providing new and used furniture to families who need it most. The event was a tremendous success and we were thrilled to have a part of such a wonderful cause.  To learn more about the event visit

Video Production


Click the videos below to view samples of our work. Also, check out D&L In the ATL on Youtube.



demo reel
resort villa property overview video
Furniture Bank of Metro Atlanta overview video
D&L In the ATL
Sketch Comedy Show

D&L in the ATL is an Atlanta-based comedy sketch show that reminds most viewers of a modern day In Living Color mixed in with a bit of hotlanta flavor. What started out as telling silly jokes to make Danielle's mom (Linda's God-mother) laugh while she was sick in the hospital, turned into multiple show ideas. Right then the duo started writing the show in a Macon, Georgia hospital and didn't stop there. After testing their material on stage with a touring comedy show, the positive response confirmed they weren't too shabby. It was all history from there. Danielle and Linda (old childhood friends) started writing and working to produce a new comedy sketch show that featured local talent and family friendly content. If there's one thing you can say about this show, kids love the jingle and yes it is quite catchy. Check out the latest episodes here

Linda Vorachack
Danielle Smith - Wide Crop
Danielle Prodution Shoot - 491