Atlanta Tribune Magazine

November 2013


We were surprised to recieve a call stating that Exclusive Remedies Studio had been voted to be featured in Atlanta Tribune's Best of Atlanta 2013 issue. Though we help other companies create marketing content, we do not market our services like other businesses do. The majority of our clients are repeat customers and our services are shared through word-of-mouth referrals.


Knowing that our clients shared our services and their experience with one of Altanta's leading publications was very humbling and let us know we must be doing something right. We would like to thank everyone who voted for us. We will continue to do our best in offering the best services possible. Thank you!

Southern Hollywood Magazine

​October 2013

After having a great year exploring a new initiative such as Production Link Atlanta, we were ecstatic to learn that Southern Hollywood wanted to feature us in their October issue.  Production Link was our main initiative to do our part in helping the Georgia film and teleivision industry grow. What started out as a simple idea to get a few production industry professionals together to share resources, turned into a panel of experts willing to share their experiences

and expertise with those interested in getting acclimated to the Atlanta production scene.


The success of the first event has led us to host another Production Link in 2014.

Be sure to read the issue and check back to learn more about the next event.


Production Link 2014 Kick-off Celebration and Happy Hour
September 16, 2013

On September 16th, Atlanta Production Consultants hosted a kick-off celebration for Production Link 2014 and APC's happy hour series. The event was held at Ri Ra Irish Pub off Crescent Avenue in Atlanta. This intimate event welcomed over 60 attendees throughout the evening from various areas of the production industry. Those in attendance had the opportunity to meet with Production Link sponsors, the planning committee, various special guests, and register for future sponsorship opportunities.  Read this article to learn more.

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Halloween Season is Nigh: Tis Shockingly Scary

September 2015


It's that time of year again. One of the world's most lucrative industries will begin its stretch of welcoming visitors from all around the world. What are we referring to? The haunted house industry of course!  Halloween season is undeniably the most lucrative season for theme parks such as Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, Kings Dominion, and just about any of them that participate in the annual festivities.


For those who've never visited a theme park or stand-alone haunted attraction in October, you wouldn't know. If you think I'm referring to the typical ghosts and goblins spooky house then you won't find many. That's for children. We're talking about grown-up stuff. It's also a creative production professionals playground. Participate in this year's haunted house crawl with Exclusive Remedies Studio's very own executive producer.  She'll show you why it's an estimated $2 billion a year industry and all in the name of having fun. Read more by visiting our blog below. 


A Friendship Rekindled Through Comedy

December 2016

The world needs to laugh more. Well, at least that's what Danielle Smith and Linda Vorachack of Atlanta, Georgia think.  While growing up in central Georgia, these two were inseparable. Their parents were best friends and even spent numerous Christmas holidays together. When Danielle's mother became the Godmother of both Linda and her brother John, the friends deemed themselves God-sisters. 


Unfortunately, as they grew older, like most childhood friends, they eventually grew apart. Linda's family moved North of Atlanta while Danielle's family remained in Macon. Thirteen years later these two sisters magically reunited.


"I always knew I'd be reunited with my long-lost friend at some point in our lives. I just didn't know when," said Danielle Smith, co-creator and executive producer of D&L In the Atl. "I finally got to see Linda when she showed up to her mom's house who was hosting an event that day. Though we didn't reconnect at that time, I still hoped we could catch up." 

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