Are you simply looking for a turn-key transition to Atlanta while filming in Georgia? Leave it APC to arrange your transportation and production housing before you even set foot on the ground. Whether if it is for you or an entire crew, allow our production concierge personnel to arrange it all. 

When APC first launched, we aimed to help bring Georgia's most talented production professionals together in hopes of building a stronger and more informed workforce. We did just that by hosting various production happy hours and our premiere event, Production Link Atlanta. We've also hosted private parties for production crews alike.  

Whether it be for a films, photoshoots, music videos, or more, we represent property owners around Georgia that have already designated their homes available for production purposes. Throughout the entire process, we work directly with both the property owner and production company to arrange site visits, negotiate contracts, and serve as site representatives to assist the production crew throughout the production phase. Visit the following link to view a few of our listings

Sometimes clients just want information. Often times we assist clients in making local connections, production scheduling, breakingdown scripts, hiring local talent or simply producing certain aspects of their project. This also includes making site visits, equipment recommendations, training new crew members, and more. Set your production up for success. We'll be glad to help. 



Atlanta Production Consultants offers one-stop-shop concierge and consulting services to professionals in the film, television, and music industries. If your production company is coming to Georgia to film, we can help make your transition here easier. We have a myriad of production partner vendors that will provide you with everything you need to get your production up and running. Our services are classified in four main categories to assist you.

Turn-key concierge services
Production Consulting