At any given time we may be producing a pilot for a new show idea, promotional videos, documentaries, or even creating on-hold music for a corporation's phone line. We take pride in having a focus when working with clients by only accepting new clientele when our production calendars is availability. Currently we are producing...


Our clients vary from luxurious resort and hotel properties, to non-profit organizations and small busines owners.  At Exclusive Remedies Studio, no project is too big or too small to get the attention it deserves. We travel to wherever our clients need us to be. That includes but is not limited to secluded islands or even a local coffee shop for a production meeting...


We take pride in not only tailoring services to client needs, but ensuring that they receive the quality they deserve. Whether you are looking to shoot a web infomercial, television pilot, music video, or company promotional content, our producers work directly for you. Our camera operators and crews are seasoned and ....

Clients say working with ERS is like having their very own media production department.

Welcome to Exclusive Remedies Studio, the first customer service-based mobile production company of its kind. We specialize in producing promotional media content for exclusive destination properties,  businesses, and organizations around the world.

We take pride in educating clients on new technological advances in social media and how online video content can provide a greater competitive edge in the global market. For our clients, we enjoy making the foreign world of digital media production stress-free and an enjoyable process.


Are you preparing for an upcoming production?

Production consultants can help you with everything from crewing, securing Georgia locations, script-breakdowns, or even hosting private events and wrap parties.

Producing creative content exclusively for your marketing needs. Clients say it's like having their very own production department



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